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The board of AREF has a broad and global vision for the organization. Beginning with scholarships being offered initially to Canadian students who are either from visible minorities or recent immigrants to Canada of Edmonton and area, the board of trustee's hope to expand this to support students all over Alberta and the whole of Canada.

In addition to offering scholarships, the board of AREF hopes to expand its services to offer Mentorships and Networkin opportunities to these students.



AREF is offering several scholarships.  The scholarships will be awarded for the January Winter Semester.  Students are encouraged to read the eligibility criteria for all scholarships before applying. 


Winners will be announced at the AREF Awards Night, usually held end of October of each year.


Entrance Scholarship ($1,000)

EIA Scholarship ($1,000)

Academic Scholarship ($3,000)

Leadership Scholarship ($3,000)

Bachelor of Commerece (BComm) Scholarship (NEW) ($1,500)


Ayshie Mariam Kazeil Memorial Scholarship ($5,000)


Masters in Public Health (MPH) ($5,000)



This Program is intended to provide direct academic and professional mentorship for Canadian students who are either from visible minorities or recent immigrants to Canada in Edmonton, and create opportunities for these students to engage and be effective members of the community.


The Program’s vision is to create meaningful relationships that will produce high achievers and nation builders for the future.



Objectives of the Program:

  • Provide academic guidance, support and advice to high school and postsecondary students.
  • Create and provide opportunities for students to support and enhance their leadership and communication skills.
  • Introduce students to non-conventional areas of study.
  • Provide student (postsecondary) and career shadowing experience.
  • Identify and notify mentees about networking and career development opportunities
  • Liaison and collaborate with other school/career mentorship Programs.


Target of the Program:

  • High school students - grades 11 and 12
  • Post-secondary students - at any level


For more information on the AREF Mentorship Program, please contact us at: