About AREF

Al Rashid Education Foundation (AREF) was founded in 2013 to promote post-secondary education within Muslim communities in Canada and around the world.  AREF awards high school and university students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) who have excelled both academically and in contributions to their community.  Since 2014, AREF has awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to over 100 students

Applications to the AREF Scholarships are accepted between July 1st and August 31st each year.  Various categories are offered, and the scholarships recipients are recognized during the annual AREF Awards Gala, usually held during the fall of each year.  The 2019 AREF Awards Gala will be held on Saturday 26th October 2019.

AREF is funded through the generous contributions of community leaders who place a high value on education and in producing successful and highly motivated student leaders.  These leaders will in turn contribute to the advancement of their communities within the Canadian society and around the world.