Mohamad (Ron) Jomha Memorial Scholarship In Business

This $1,500 annual scholarship was created through an endowment by the sons of the late Mohamad (Ron) Jomha  in his memory.  Learn more about the incredible life of this Alberta Muslim leader.  The scholarship is awarded to Post-secondary students who have completed at least one year of Bachelor 

of Commerece (BCom) education, achieve an average GPA of 3.3 or higher and are still enrolled in post-secondary studies. Students must also be either a visible minority, or a recent immigrant to Canada, or both, as well as demonstrate community service to be eligible for this scholarship.


Award Value: $1,500
Application Opens: 1st July

Application Deadline: 31st August

Applying for: January Winter Semester



Eligibility Criteria:




Application Procedure: