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  • Applicants must :
    • Application Opens: 1st July of each year

      Application Deadline: 31st August of each year

      Applying for: January Winter Semester

    • Fill out application in full including essay questions.
    • Upload one/two signed, current (less than one year old), reference letter (references from friends are discouraged and references from family members will not be accepted).
    • Upload a statement of marks for most recent completed studies (Official transcripts are required at time of application. A photocopy or print out from a school website or report card is not acceptable).
    • Upload proof of enrollment for post-secondary studies, if available, at the time of your application
  • Strong applications will emphasize the applicant’s:
    • maturity and a commitment to their studies
    • motivation to be engaged meaningfully in their community and the world at large
  • Students will be notified by email of the status of their application in early October.
  • Once awarded, scholarship value will be sent directly to the student. 
  • Students must notify the office of AREF of any changes to their application. 
  • Faxed, Scanned, or Mailed Applications are not accepted. Applicants must only apply online.
  • Each page of the Online applications must be saved, and applications must be submitted in order to be assessed.

Supported Applicants

  • Student applicants must meet the required average based grades depending on the scholarship he or she are applying for. 
  • Applicants must:
    • be a citizen or resident of Canada students who are either from visible minorities or recent immigrants to Canada
    • be an Edmonton or surrounding area resident - the applicant or the applicant’s parent(s) must have resided in Edmonton or surrounding area during the previous 24 months
    • have either:
      • attained an overall average of 80% or higher (depending on the scholarship being applied for) in the five designated courses in Grade 12 as calculated from marks on a valid Alberta Education transcript. 


      • be enrolled in a post-secondary or apprenticeship program. (Full-Time is defined as 80% course load or higher) with a GPA average at or above the required scholarship requirement
    • demonstrate community service & volunteer work

Tips for Applying

  • Make sure to follow the application instructions exactly. If a piece of your application is not completed correctly or is missing from your submission, your application will be disqualified. 
  • Make sure to submit your application by the deadline. Late applications will be disqualified. 
    • This includes having all of the requested documentation submitted by the deadline as well (e.g. transcripts, reference letters, etc.). 
  • Applications are ONLY accepted online. Please do not mail in your application. 
  • Ensure that you check all applicable terms
  • Choose your referee wisely. Ensure that you choose someone who is able to speak about your leadership qualities if you are applying for the leadership application or can speak about your academics if you are applying for an academic scholarship. 
  • Do not provide any additional documentation. The selection of award recipients is completed by only the documents requested in the instructions.

Supporting Documents

  • Reference Letters (usually 3)
  • SIN Number (to be provided once selected for an award)
  • Volunteer hours (community involvement)
  • 1 page essay
  • Course load
  • Letter of enrolment
  • Transcripts

Awards winners announcements

Awards winners will be announced no later than mid-October each year.


Appeal Process

All decisions by AREF are final.  There is no appeal process.